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The Great Wall of China is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is a staggering 5,500 miles long, and one of the few man-made structures visible from low orbit. Stretching from Shanhaiguan in the east to Lop Nur in the west, the Great Wall of China is arguably the most expansive man-made structure ever built. This means that, although hiking in China may be challenging, the rewards are spectacular, and the memory of a trip to the Great Wall will stay with you forever. One of our flagship product is our wide variety of high-quality hiking tours along this 7th Wonder of the World. Our Great Wall of China trek is unlike any other. We by pass the "tourist" section, and put our effort into trekking along sections of the "wild" wall: those portions steeped in history, stretches which are of special architectural and/or historical interest, those sections which are most stunningly-beautiful and photogenic, and many parts which offer a phusical challenge. For short, our Great Wall hiking sections are less touristy, not crowded, but with unbelieveable beautiful view and special characteristics.

• Trek amongst the REALLY WILD section of the Great Wall
• Graded on a scale from 1 to 12, we have adventures to suit everyone
• Explore remote sections of the wall
• Immer yourself in the culture and communicate with local people
• See the wall in all its glory

Great Wall hiking challenge could be started from one day to over 30 days.
Traveling in China is a lifetime experience. A trip to the Great Wall will get the opportunity to experience rural China and have an authentic cultural immersion experience.