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Cycling is the best way to explore the world. Bike for one to two weeks in China brings us a memory never fade out. For cyclists in search of amazing landscapes, incredible wildlife and fantastic cultural experiences our cycling tour will surely be satisfied!
We offer tours based on your age, physical fitness and plus diverse activities into your tours. We take you to the most valuable places, traditional and featured local restaurants; enjoy the tour with our professional supporting van or blaze your own trail and enjoy a budget but safe and comfortable self-guided bike trip in China.
The tour of course, is designed for those in search of a physical adventure as well as a cultural one and it is essential that you prepare appropriately for this tour to ensure that you maximize the wonderful opportunities it affords. This tour will truly be a wonderful adventure that you will never forget!

• A collection of Chinese best cycling holidays
• Our challenge takes you on a totally unique and off the beaten track route culminating at West Tibetan -Total Riding: 500KM
• Mountain bike from Lijiang to Deqin in Yunnan
• Biking adventures from Linzhi to Lhasa in Tibet
• Cycle & Trek Tour to Karst Peaks and Longji Terraces

At China Adventure Tours, the value of developing itineraries that are sustainable and reduce the impacts of tourism on the environment is crucial. We wish to foster a great respect for the natural surroundings in which we visit and travel, especially as we will be visiting a range of stunning and unique natural environments that are home to vast ranges of wildlife (in this scenario we may encounter the endangered black-necked crane).
To ensure that current and future generations can continue to experience these things we have perfectly utilised sustainable transport options – such as the bicycle – wherever possible in order to reduce our reliance on other modes of transport that continue to pollute. As we will spend large parts of the tour on 2 wheels, this will help us reduce our carbon footprints and help ensure that will minimise the impacts unfortunately caused by the growth of tourism in the region. The bonus of our sustainable approach is that you will see a range of amazing spectacles at a more relaxing pace and you will improve your health and fitness at the same time too!
When you turn up on one of our biking holidays, you know you'll be with like-minded cyclists and this makes a big difference! Whatever your interests or aspirations, we're sure to have an adventure holiday to suit!