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China is a vast country with a wide variety of landscaples and a rich ethnic culture. Alghough densely populated in urban areas, much of China is still wild, only dotted with occasional villages, many of these remote villages have been occupied, virtually unchanges for hundreds of years. 9 of the world's 14-hightest mountain peaks abover 8000 meters are located in China, and from their glaciers ruching ricers slice through deep valleys, cut through virgin forest, and meander across plains and grasslands. Excluding the many cultural attractions, these natural resources alone provide adventure travelers the opportunity to participate in unique and exciting hiking and trekking tour. CAT has one of the very best collections of trekking and hiking tours throughout China. We have adventures to suit everyone. Our tour range from easy hiking along the picturesque Li River in Yangshuo (which has always been the subject of traditional Chinese paintings) and and an emphasis on uncovering the area's history, culture and cuisine, to strenuous challenging treks to Everest, K2 and Mt Kailash in Tibet. Prepare to go where few have gone before, and experience the unusual!

• Trek amongst the world's highest mountains
• Hiking into the countryside of Yangshuo along Li river
• Trek in the Himalayas, a journey to the roof of the world
• Explore the exotic landscapes and sights of China
• Mount Meili (Kawagarbo) - one of the most sacred peaks in the Tibetan world
• Climb Mount Godwin Austen(K2) & the Chinese Karakorum

Whichever of our trekking or soft hiking tours you choose to undertake, you can be sure you'll enjoy breaking out of your day-to-day routine and exploring exotic landscapes on foot, with the chance to experience rich history and culture.