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China has a long history with the horse. Although the horse started in the New World 55 million years ago as Eohippus, it gradually evolved into Miohippus and migrated westward across the Land Bridge into Asia, evolving into the many forms we know today. Native North American equids died out and were not seen again until introduced by the Spanish in the second millennium CE. Asian horses were domesticated by tribes of the Mongolian steppes, and their riding skills are still legendary today. Throughout China, horses still play an essential role in the daily life of several ethnic groups.
A horseback riding excursion inspires images of galloping across an endless sea of sand, forging rivers, cantering through forests, trotting along age-old trails, gazing at beautiful vistas, camping next to remote villages or historical sites, and immersing oneself in the culture of real nomadic people. We do all of those!
CAT provides horseback-riding tours to many locations, as listed below. We will even be pleased to customize an itinerary for you. Come with us on an eco-friendly adventure on horseback!