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The horseback riding tour in China is special designed for people who would like to experience the real and unmeasured vastness grassland or forest in Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and Sichuan province. We go where there are less tourists and more wildlife and nature. We all know that the Nomadic herders have great respect for the rivers, mountains and have their own prohibitions. We will follow their lead when it comes to acting sustainably on the big steppe! As a horseback riding holiday, our tours have very limited detrimental impact upon the environment, residents and communities in the regions we visit.
We fully understand and appreciate the importance of developing tours that are sustainable and reduce the impacts of tourism on the environment wherever possible. Indeed, all of our tours maintain a great respect for the natural surroundings in which we visit and travel. Our itineraries are cutely aware of the need to protect rural regions like Inner Mongolia both for current and future generations to fully experience. We are also highly aware of the need to help protect the Great Wall and have purposely developed a tour that will take you to one of its remoter sections.