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Our sightseeing tours will transport you to an eclectic and culturally significant range of heritage sites that date back to ancient times, some of these tours will combine sightseeing with short walks, for example. Others might have a multi-activity holiday format, including biking, hiking and/or rafting, for instance. Our goal is to tap into the authentic, unique culture of each destination we visit through it's people, food, music, history and tradition.
To help us protect and preserve what remains of both China's wonderful cultural and natural heritage, we ask all of our travel participants to help care for the environments they visit by being respectfully aware of the unique locations we take them to. Indeed, due to the popularity of the Great Wall today, it is essential that we help protect the future of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. As a bonus of our unique approach, you will also discover that our tour groups are small in size so that the impacts are minimised, and of course, so that we can afford you the attention you deserve!

• Join a Panda Keeper Program to take care of pandas
• Take your kids on the adventure-of-a-lifetime
• Enjoy China's top natural wonders
• Photograph and get close to the Roof of the World- Mt. Everest
• Explore the incredible Longji Rice Terrace
• Experience the mysterious life style of the Zhuang and Yao people
• Wander in the old districts (Like Jinli street, Nanluoguxiang and etc) for trinkets and local snacks

On any CAT sightseeing tour, you should also get a feeling for the culture of the country you're visiting and we try to include those little elements that make your experience more 'real', such as fan-painting in Yangshuo, Hutong rickshaw in Beijing or creating your own theatrical mask as a gift. Exotic cultures, breath-taking natural environments and amazing historical treasures have never been more accessible for you to enjoy.