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Is this your first time in China? Are you wanting to combine business with pleasure? Each person has his "must-see" list. It's a wonderful stay in China and there's no better way to experience its magic than by taking yourself, your friends or your families on a sightseeing tour. We sightseeing& Multi-activity tours are are designed to show off the highlights of the regions they visit, whilst also including a variety of activities. We have tours that focus on Chinese breathtaking landscapes, from the magnificant Great Wall around Beijing to the large scale rice terraces scenic area. Choose from an action-packed itineraries to keep teenagers entertained or more laid-back holiday for all the travelers.

• Join a Panda Keeper Program to take care of pandas
• Take your kids on the adventure-of-a-lifetime
• Enjoy China's top natural wonders
• Photograph and get close to the Roof of the World- Mt. Everest
• Explore the incredible Longji Rice Terrace
• Experience the mysterious life style of the Zhuang and Yao people
• Wander in the old districts (Like Jinli street, Nanluoguxiang and etc) for trinkets and local snacks

On any CAT sightseeing tour, you should also get a feeling for the culture of the country you're visiting and we try to include those little elements that make your experience more 'real', such as fan-painting in Yangshuo, Hutong rickshaw in Beijing or creating your own theatrical mask as a gift. Exotic cultures, breath-taking natural environments and amazing historical treasures have never been more accessible for you to enjoy.