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Departs from Sanya, the most beautiful tropical city of Hainan province, cycle north to the central Hainan island to experience the authentic living style of local minority ethnic people. Besides, there are plenty of rare flora and fauna to explore when breaking into the amazing rain forest. After a day expedition in Wuzhi Mountain, we will cycle to a glazing land to see traditional Hainan farm and camping in their places, taste local delicacy. The next day, ride downhill to encounter the beach again and ferry to Fenjiezhou Island to participant in water activities by yourselves and also feel free to enjoy hot spring around Sanya. If you're hoping to enjoy scenic tropical vistas away from the crowds, this well-designed program is absolutely a good choice for you.
Note: All the time and distance etc shown below are approximate and indicative only, if there is inconsistency, it will depend on the weather, local road conditions and other actual situations. Besides, the duration might be revised according to your physical level.
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(B=breakfast, L=lunch, D=dinner)
DAY 01  Arrive Sanya (L)
Arrive in Sanya and transfer to the hotel. Then pick up the bikes under professional guidance. Wander around the beautiful tropical city of Hainan. Sanya City, backed by its famous mountains and facing the sea, is a garden city full of coconut palms and other verdant splendors.

Overnight in 4 star hotel in Sanya

DAY 02  Sanya / Baoting (BLD)

58km/6hrs biking with visiting; Elevation: 300m
Road Condition: Good, but there are many sloping roads on the way

After breakfast, begin your cycling tour. Keep north to Baoting. As it is the most challenging uphill leg of the tour, you may have a rest whenever you want, and even get on the supporting vehicles when feeling tired. Baoting Li and Miao Autonomous County, located in the south-central Hainan, is a rainforest hinterland with majestic mountains ranges covered by luxuriant forests surrounding and lush fruit trees all year round.

Overnight in 4 star hotel in Baoting

DAY 03  Baoting / Shuiman Xiang (BLD)

59km/6hrs biking & hiking with visiting; Elevation: 635m
Road Condition: Good, but there are many sloping roads and curve roads on the way

As the sun goes on shining, today we will enjoy cycling along the rainforest, following meandering streams, passing by local villages. Here we could get close touch the numerous species of original wild living animals and plants and explore the real beauty and culture of Li and Miao People. In the afternoon, arrive the end point of Five Finger Mountain (Wuzhi Shan). A visit to this area will reward you with the scenic wonder of the main peak, impressive waterfalls and for the adventurous an opportunity to float down the mountain streams by Rafting. Then hiking to Chubao Li Minority Village, here you can see the original Li architectures, the Ship-type houses, and appreciate the unsophisticated folk customs of the Li people. Then jump on the bike heading to Shuiman Xiang (635m), which is at the foot of Five Finger Mountain and also is the highest town in Hainan. Enjoy authentic Miao and Li delicacies along with rice wine for dinner and dance with local people later if you like.

Overnight in Shuiman Xiang Resort

DAY 04  Wuzhi Shan Hiking (BLD)

8km/4hrs hiking with visiting; Elevation: 700m
Road Condition: Good, but the path was built along the rainforest, so pay attention to the slippy path

Today, we will hike the off-track at the Five Finger Mountain (Wuzhi Shan in Chinese), led by the professional guide. Experience the mountain area of Hainan, less crowded and more natural tropical rainforest around. Five Finger Mountain is a symbol of the island and its peaks form the shape of a hand. Among its five peaks, the second one (1,867m) is the highest. Viewed from a distance, the peaks are often cradled in the embrace of tropical clouds. Walk at the foot of Hainan's most famous mountain in the forest park and be amazed about the tropical flora and fauna.

Overnight in Shuiman Xiang Resort

DAY 05  Wuzhi Shan / Yingge Ling Grazing Land (BLD)

58km/4hrs biking&hiking with visiting; Elevation: 500m
Road Condition: Good

Restart our cycling tour, up to Yinggeling Grazing Land, Baisha County, located in the central western area of Hainan Province. The tropical Yingge mountain climate is warm, with long hours of sunshine, and the area is full of water features and the main rivers. The majority of the people in this area are Li people. Savour traditional Hainan Chicken in local family, and camp in the second floor of local house in Yingge Ling Grazing land where is a good place to have a look at the traditional Tea Farm and water falls.

Camp in the local farm

DAY 06   Yingge Ling Grazing Land / Qiongzhong (BLD)

54km/4hrs biking&hiking with visiting; Elevation: 300m
Road Condition: Good

After breakfast, jump on the bike heading to Qiongzhong. We also enjoy the cultural exploration on the way and deeply experience the traditional lifestyle of Li and Miao people. Qiongzhong Li and Miao Autonomous County, located in the middle of Qiong Island, possesses large expanses of virgin rainforest, a laid-back rural environment, the ancient cultures of the Li and Miao Ethnic Groups, the humble and hospitable Li and Miao people, a favorable geographical location, and a unique traditional cultural community. When we arrive, we will be drawn to Qiongzhong for its charm and beauty. Enjoy a fun night there.

Overnight in hotel of Qiongzhong

DAY 07  Qiongzhong / Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden (BLD)

79km/5.5hrs biking with visiting; Elevation: 125m
Road Condition: Good

After breakfast, keep riding eastwards to Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden, located in Xinglong town, Wanning. Although it is a little bit long leg of the tour but Xinglong is definitely a good place to take a deep rest. Surrounded on three sides by mountains, Xinglong Garden enjoys typical tropical monsoon climate with abundant sunshine and plentiful rainfall, which contributes to the growth of various tropical plants. Flowers and herbs grow throughout the season in the garden, filling the air with a sweet, intoxicating smell.

Overnight in Xinglong Kangleyuan Resort or similar

DAY 08  Xinglong / Shimei Bay / Xiangshui Bay (BLD)

60km/4hrs biking with visiting; Elevation: 250m
Road Condition: Good

Get up early in the morning, drive to the port to see the fisherman working. Then drive to Shimei Bay and enjoy the amazing sea view. Then start riding to Xiangshui Bay (Perfume Bay), one of three major bays of Lingshui which is praised as the "Pearl Coast". Please be aware that in this leg of the tour, we cannot ride along the coast because the coastal highway is for vehicles only. The Xiangshui Bay is an ideal place for those who want to stay away from the crowds. Enjoy gorgeously clean seawater, with the highest water visibility of up to 27 meters, and there are the lobsters, sea cucumbers, sea chestnuts and the colorful tropical fish. In the evening, spend your own leisure on the seaside, enjoy the hotspring in the hotel.

Overnight in Xiangshui Bay Resort or similar

DAY 9 Lingshui / Fenjiezhou / Sanya (BLD)
Drive to Niuling and take a ferry to Fenjiezhou Island, a small, pretty island located in the South Sea off Lingshui County. It looks like a beauty floating in the sea, so local fishermen nicknamed it "Sleeping Beauty Island". Looking far into distance, the sea melted into the sky along the horizon. The eastern part of the island features sheer cliffs and white waves and foam dashing over the rocks on the shoreline. On the western side, there is a small beach and you will find everything more relaxed and brighter with clean white sand and palm trees. The water here appears diaphanous and sometimes incandescent when the sun shines brightly. Feel free to do some water activities such as having fun on yachts, motorboats, sailboats, banana boats, or parasailing. You can also enjoy tropical salt-water fish, various corals and rock formations on the island. In the late afternoon, car transfer to Sanya.
-The end of tour-

Please Note: While we plan to follow the itinerary as much as possible, weather, trail conditions, river crossings, and other circumstances may force us to alter the itinerary in this remote and relatively untraveled region.

The tour cost includes
  • Meals daily as listed in the itinerary, picnic lunches in remote area if required.
  • Service of English-speaking guide.
  • Scenic spots admission fee; Nature Reserve Protection fee and/ or camping permit fee (inside nature reserve) if required.
  • Accommodation: double-occupancy in 4 star hotel in big city, and the best hotel in small cities or counties, clean guest house/hostel/or home-stay in villages as clarified in the itinerary; camping in non-residential area as mentioned in the itinerary(tent and mattress).
  • One bike for each and supportive vehicles as required(For tours in the mountainous area like Yunnan, Qinghai, Tibet, etc. we strongly suggest the participant bring your own mountainous bike with you).
  • All domestic flights/trains/local airport taxes if there is in the itinerary.
The tour cost does not include
  • Personal travel accident insurance.
  • The fee of rescuing for any accident, including but not limited:
    a. Asking the help from the international SOS;
    b. Transfer service and amending fee, if the bike is seriously damaged.
    c. While repairing the bike, the rental fee must be paid.
    d. Any others.
  • The medicine for the sickness or accident while on the way.
  • Transfer, guide, entrance tickets, and meals in your free time.
  • Sleeping bag if camping.
  • Photography charges at monasteries/palaces/sites.
  • Chinese visa fees; Excess baggage charged by Airlines; Single room supplement; Tips to guides and drivers.
  • Domestic or/and international flights and related airport taxes not listed.
  • The extra cost due to the unforeseen events or weather; supplementary trips and services not mentioned, and personal expenses and the items don't listed in the "The tour cost includes" column.
Cancellation and Refund Policy for Tours Reservation
Cancellation in advance Cancellation penalty
More than 30 days No Cancellation Fee
30-10 days 50% of the full payment
9-0 days or no show 100% of the full payment
  • Once you confirm the trip, the quotation in RMB is fixed (subject to the items above). However, as exchange rates may continue to fluctuate, we reserve the right to modify the price quoted in USD to match the original RMB quotation, when you pay.
  • Reservation should be made at least ONE MONTH before departure time.
  • The train and flight schedules are presented according to time-tables available at time of publication; they are subject to change according to any new schedule, and we reserve the right to choose alternate flights.
  • Prices may be somewhat higher if tour dates fall on public holidays (including, but not limited to, Chinese National Day Sep. 30th -Oct.8th , Or other Special Festival time).
  • The quotation is based on the present domestic air fare and discounts available; we reserve the right to modify the price according to the airline's policy.
  • If you prefer to have a single room, you are expected to pay the single supplement.
  • This is a tentative itinerary, the really itinerary and hotel/hostel maybe different from the itinerary. For the enjoyment of your trip a "go with the flow" attitude is necessary. Many factors will influence your trip, such as weather conditions, health, route conditions, etc. Please prepare two days more as "cushion" day in case of delays in travel due to unforeseen events.
  • The part of the area we will visit has not been well developed like Beijing and Shanghai. While it is good to enjoy the well protected nature view and experience unique primitive folk customs, we should prepare for that even the star hotel is not so good and though we will try our best, the food may not be so delicate and various.
  • Very important: When you are planning to do mountain biking, you acknowledge that there are risks involved in this sport and confirm that you are fully aware of and accept these risks. You may or may not be required to sign a separate acknowledgement and acceptance of personal liability by the local supplier before being allowed to do cycling. And if you are not allowed to participate because you refuse to sign, you will have no claim against CSH or the supplier and will not be entitled to any refund or compensation.
  • The participants we are looking for: HEALTHY!!! able to cycle for over 6 hours a day; prepared to cross high altitude passes and over difficult terrain in remote areas; experienced in mountainous area riding (with many bends, turns, and possibly switchbacks); excellent physical condition required with a positive attitude and a strong determination; previous hiking experience preferred. Please keep in mind that this is a general guide only. A variety of factors, including weather, may add to the challenge.
  • This is a tentative itinerary, the final itinerary and hotel/hostel may vary considerably from the itinerary. For the enjoyment of your trip, a "go with the flow" attitude is necessary. Many factors will influence the trip, such as weather conditions, health, route conditions, etc. Please allow one extra days as "cushion" days in case of delays in travel due to unforeseen events.
  • Regardless of your previous high-altitude experience, it is crucial that you be self-confident, superbly fit, committed, and determined at the outset of the expedition and possess the necessary stamina and experience to be a contributing player in the excursion.
  • Biking Gear suggested: Wind/waterproof coat, Hip pad, kneepad, gorro, helmet, Headlight, towel, sun block, glove, shoes for cycling etc.
  • While you will most-certainly enjoy the fantastic views offered with this exciting biking adventure, there will also be unexpected encounters with other vehicular traffic, especially big trucks making wide turns, so you should ride very carefully in these places.
  • Many tourists have an uncomfortable feeling in the high-plateau areas, generally headaches and being out-of-breath; don't be worried about it and you will adapt to the altitude in 2-3 days.
  • To counter altitude-sickness in the high plateaus, be sure to take extra rest and try to avoid arriving with a cold. Although extra oxygen will be available for those who need to stop and take an extra breath or so, any quantity brought along will be limited, and cyclists cannot be dependent on its availability.
  • Please be respectful of local customs and religion while you are in any area of a minority people; pay attention to any instructions given by the local guide and cooperate with him/her.
  • Please be aware not to expect/order the meat of dog, horse, mule, pig, or donkey, all of which are forbidden in Tibetan areas; eating the meat of any animal slaughtered without proper religious supervision is also forbidden.
  • It's not allowed to watch the Tibetan sky burial without their permission.
  • To be polite, it is expected that you finish any beverage served to you in a cup, upon being greeted by a Tibetan; if you cannot finish the drink, please politely beg their pardon.
  • When greeted by a Tibetan who puts a silk scarf around your neck as a present, leave it on – do not immediately take it off.
  • There are some special taboos in Muslim area, such as exposed skin, head coverings, and proper conduct in mosques – listen to the guide.
  • It's prohibited to drink or to smoke in any Tibetan Monastery.
  • Check with the guide regarding taking photographs; it's forbidden to take any photos in a monastery without permission, although you may be allowed to "buy" permission. Always ask permission before taking a photo of monks or women, regardless of where they are.