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The geography and climate of Sichuan make this city especially attractive to bipedals who love bike pedals. As the homeland of giant pandas, Sichuan Province is best known for its fiery cuisine and beautiful natural landscapes. It has great differences in terrain, containing mountains from the west and green fertile land from the east. It is for this reason that we've picked Sichuan for our biking trip, the vast differences in landscape mean that you will never see the same thing, every activity we have picked out for you is guaranteed to offer you something different and new.
The tour of course, is designed for those in search of a physical adventure as well as a cultural one and it is essential that you prepare appropriately for this tour to ensure that you maximize the wonderful opportunities it affords. This tour will truly be a wonderful adventure that you will never forget!
Note: All the time and distance etc shown below are approximate and indicative only, if there is inconsistency, it will depend on the weather, local road conditions and other actual situations. Besides, the duration might be revised according to your physical level.
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(B=breakfast, L=lunch, D=dinner)
DAY 01  Arrive in Chnengdu (D, by air)
You will fly into Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province in southwest China. Upon arrival, you will be met by your experienced guide and driver, and check in the hotel.
After a break, you will start your sightseeing by visiting Wenshu (Manjushri) Monastery, an oasis of peace in the city, which is the best-preserved Buddhist temple in Chengdu. One of the highlights here is the cultural relics, of which over 500 pieces of precious painting and calligraphy have been stored here since the Tang and Song Dynasties. Surrounded by exquisite garden and solemn halls, we can enjoy tea in the Tea House while listening to music by folk artists as the sun goes down, and enjoy a special vegetarian dinner later. A trip orientation is planned at end the day.

Overnight at 4 star hotel in Chengdu

DAY 02  Chengdu / Dujiangyan (BLD)

Distance: 60km/5-6hs biking; Altitude: 666m

In order to recover well from the long joinery with flights, we will have a warming up and leisure cycling today for about 60KM from Chengdu to Dujiangyan City to enjoy the view of Chengdu Plain.

Overnight at 4 star hotel in Chengdu

DAY 03  Dujiangyan / Wolong Town (BLD)

Distance: 74km/6-7hs biking; Altitude: 675m-2195m

Today we will see goodbye to Chengdu plain and cycle to mountain area. With lofty mountains by the side, cycling upstream the Minjiang River, we will pass several tunnels, and the altitude rises up slowly to 2000 meters. The most difference we will feel between Chengdu plain and mountain area is the humidity of the air -- wet to dry. Before arriving at our destination -- Wolong town, we will go through several Tibetan villages, and visit Wolong Panda Base en route.

Overnight at Guesthouse in Wolong

DAY 04  Wolong Town/ Changping Village (Mt Four Ladies) (BLD)

Distance: 77KM/6-8hs
Altitude: Changping Village: 3200m; Balang Mountai Pass: 4500m

Today we will still cycle along the river and the gorge. The average altitude is 2000 meters. After about 60 kilometers, we will arrive at the foot of Mount Balang, where the altitude begins to rises sharply to Mount Balang Pass, at an altitude of above 4500 meters. Because the way to Mount Balang Pass is uphill, we can choose to drive there if tired. When arrived at Mount Balang Pass, we can look down at mountains, and overlook Mount Four Ladies. We will also see clouds sea if we are lucky. After that, we will cycle down to our destination for tonight -- Changping Village.

Overnight at local guesthouse

DAY 05  Day walk to Changping Valley (BLD)

Distance: 15km/4-6hs hiking; Altitude: 3300m-3800m

After breakfast, we will spend about 15 minutes taking tour bus to the entrance of Changping Valley and start today's trip. We will hike along the wooden trestle in the first 10 kilometers, and what we can see are forest, river and mountain. If we continued, after a 5-kilometer-hike without wooden trestle, we will arrive at a wider meadow grassland named Muluozi, where yaks taste the forage, flowers scatter on the grassland, snowy mountains distant loomed in ethereal cloud and mist. After that, we need to return the same way we came.

Overnight at local guesthouse

DAY 06   Day walk in Shuangqiao Valley (BLD)

Distance: 15km/4-6hs hiking; Altitude: 3800m

After 30-minute-drive to the entrance of Shuangqiao Valley, we will take tour bus to the end of Shuangqiao Valley, and walk outside. We can take tour bus at the bus station to the next spot if tired. It is an up-to-down tour, along which we can see snowy mountains around, pass meadow land, and walk through the Tibetan village.

Overnight at local guesthouse

DAY 07  Changping Village (Mt Four Ladies) / Danba Jiaju Tibetan Village (BLD)

Distance: 60KM/4-6hs biking; Altitude: 2180m

After breakfast, we will drive about 60km from Mt Four Ladies, after that we start our biking towards Danba (1,800m). Jiaju Tibetan village. Your quaint accommodation for the next two nights is an historic Tibetan village high on the mountain above town.

Overnight at local guesthouse

DAY 08  Jiaju Tibetan Village tour (BLD)
A day off the bikes (if you prefer). Camera in hand, today's exploration is by foot through quaint villages and visits to the ancient handmade watchtowers unique to this historic region of Tibet. In the afternoon you'll have some personal space to wander the narrow streets of the tight-knit mountain town of Danba.

Overnight at local guesthouse

DAY 09  Jiaju Tibetan Village/Bamei (BLD)

85km/6-7hrs biking;

Eager to get back in the saddle, today you descend back down to the river as you follow a moderate climb through a quiet valley, known as "Yak Valley", to the village of Dong-gu (2,400m). The scenery changes again as you leave the lower valleys and move towards the pasturelands at higher elevations. Then you are truly pedalling on the roof of the world as you pass Yala Mountain (peak: 5,820m) and nomad encampments with their roaming animals. In case you were wondering just how unique and epic your Tibetan cycle adventure would be, today all such speculation will give way to incredulity as you cross your second 4,000m pass and roll into Bamei (3,500m).

Overnight at local guesthouse

DAY 10  Bamei / Tagong (BLD)

35km/2-3hrs biking;

After yesterdays' hard work you are thrilled to earn a leisurely morning ride across high elevation grasslands, passing more nomads and yaks, to the authentic nomad trading town of Tagong (3,000m). An afternoon's exploration of this unique town and its historic temple will prepare you for some western food at the Khamba Cafe.

Overnight at local guesthouse

DAY 11  Tagong / Kangding (BLD)

115km/10hrs biking;

Fuelled up on coffee (along with some eggs and toast) in the morning, you are ready to assail the highest mountain pass of your trip. On your way to the scenic heights of Zheduo pass (4,200m) you'll bid your last farewells to the highlands as you anticipate the rewarding 35km descent to the bustling Chinese and Tibetan trading town of Kangding (2,400m).

Overnight at 4 star hotel in Kangding

DAY 12  Kangding / Chengdu (BLD)
With a full sense of accomplishment, today you relax on your scenic transport back to Chengdu for a final night at the Shangri-la Hotel and a farewell banquet. Shuttle: 6 hours, 330km.

Overnight at 4 star hotel in Chengdu

DAY 13  Chengdu (B)
Explore Chengdu by yourself.

Overnight at 4 star hotel in Chengdu

DAY 14 See Off (B)
After breakfast at the hotel, your guide and driver will escort you to the airport in time and make sure everything goes smoothly before saying goodbye to Chengdu.
-The end of tour-

Please Note: While we plan to follow the itinerary as much as possible, weather, trail conditions, river crossings, and other circumstances may force us to alter the itinerary in this remote and relatively untraveled region.
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