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DAY 1 Gubeikou - Jinshanling (LD)
10km/5-6hrs hiking; Beijing/Gubeikou 130km/2.5hrs driving

We hike from Gubeikou to Jinshanling Great Wall and enjoy the breathtaking views with a relatively peaceful hike. This classic Great Wall hike allows you to experience what is now the most popular Great Wall trek - Gubeikou to Jinshanling. Gubeikou, often overlooked and rarely crowded, offers some of that "wild wall" that we know our clients love. Jinshanling has long been storied for its beautiful brickwork and watchtowers, as well as the way wall here winds and snakes along the valley. At the end of the hike, a short drive will take us to the Watertown at the bottom of Simatai Great Wall. Check-in the comfortable traditional style room in the Watertown.

Mandarin Duck Lake lies at the foot of the wall, with a water town by the lake. Located in North Beijing's suburban Miyun county, Gubei Watertown is a newly developed tourist destination combining mountains, lakes, ancient-style villages and luxury five-star hotels. Travelers can experience at the same time the beauty of the water town as well as the grand Great Wall. A replica of Wuzhen Watertown in East China's Zhejiang province, Gubei Watertown makes a great destination where people can tour by boat when the weather is warm. When the lakes are frozen in winter, Gubei Watertown offers a different kind of charm at the foot of Simatai Great Wall. Besides sightseeing, visitors can experience unique local customs and participate in native activities.

You'll also have the opportunity to hike into the western portion of Simatai section of the Great Wall, an area known for its steepness and challenging paths. In the late afternoon we could hike up the Simatai to see the sunset, if the weather and time permit, or we will stroll around the water-town with a massive backdrop of the world famous Simatai Great Wall. Tonight you will be treated with a great dinner.

DAY 2 Gubei Water Town and Simatai Great Wall (BLD)
6km/2-3hrs hiking; Simatai/Jiankou 130km/2.5hrs driving

This morning is left free for us either to climb to the top of Simatai Great Wall, or to explore the Watertown and take part in some culture activities(e.g. learining tie-dye, kite painting, need to be booked ahead of time).

The Gubeikou Great Wall was built along the precipitous mountain ranges, rising and falling at various sections. Simatai, built on a cliff, is extremely steep. A famous Great Wall specialist said: "The Great Wall is the best of Chinese architecture, and Simatai is the best of the Great Wall."

Simatai Great Wall displays various patterns of construction. Here, you can not only view the conventional appearance of the Great Wall, with battlements on each side of the track, but also see on steep cliffs the half-wall style, with battlements built only on the outer side. The slope and width also change dramatically depending on the different terrain. Some segments along the gentle slopes are so wide and mild that even horses can walk on them. At other narrow points, only one person at a time is able to pass. Another feature of Simatai is the diverse architectural styles of the beacon towers; there are two-storey or three-storey towers, and towers of square shape, oval shape, or hexagonal. The number of arrow holes on each tower also varies, and includes two, three, four, and even 24 holes. Of the towers, the most distinctive are the Fairy Maiden Tower (No. 15 East Tower) and Wangjing Tower (No. 16 East Tower). The former is the narrowest tower of this section, while the latter occupies the highest point of the whole scenic area. There is an almost vertical stairway with large steps leading to the Fairy Maiden Tower. Built over the sheer cliff, it makes the tower very hard to reach.

DAY 3 Jiankou - Mutianyu (BL; 10 km, 4-5 hrs)
10km/4-5 hrs hiking; Mutianyu/Beijing 72km/1.5-2hrs driving

We will spend the day on the Jiankou section of the Wall, recognized as one of most beautiful parts of the "Wild Wall" near Beijing, and much-loved by photographers. Not visited often by "typical" tourists, this section is really rough and broken. Although we will have to be careful walking on it, the opportunity for pictures in this section is unequalled! With memories (and memory cards) full of pictures, we will then have a late lunch at a restaurant near Mutianyu, known for its delicious fish. After enjoying a leisurely lunch, we will start our drive back to Beijing. The comfortable ride in the late afternoon sun will allow us to reflect on, and cherish, various highlights we experienced during our unique adventure of the last 3 days.

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