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About 120 kilometers west of Beijing, there are pieces of the ancient Great Wall, built during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), as well as the country's largest ancient post station. With fewer visitors and a less commercialized feel, this area offers traces of the past without the crowds that constantly remind you that you're stuck in the present. This great hike covers two very remote and wild sections of the Great Wall: Chenjiapu Great Wall and Yangbian Great Wall. Chenjiapu Great Wall is located in Yanqing County, near to the border of Hebei Province. This is a really nice section of the Great Wall that is much less known than many other parts. Usually we will only meet a few hikers on the wall, sometimes nobody in sight. Yangbian Great Wall, located in the southeast of Huailai County, near Guanting Lake in the north, is built up in the early years of the Ming Dynasty by the Ming troops and basically constructed of stone. It was built to set template for the construction of the Great Wall, which is 2.5kms long and considered one of the best examples of the Ming dynasty Great Wall, hence the name "Yangbian".

Note: All the time and distance shown here are approximate and indicative only, if there is inconsistency, it will depend on the weather, local road condition and other actual situation.

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DAY 1 Hike the Chenjiapu Great Wall (LD)
9km/4hrs hiking; Beijing/Chenjiapu 72km/1.5-2hrs driving

We will meet at 8am and will arrive at the Chenjiapu Great Wall at about 11am.

Start our hiking from the first Tower named Dahei Lou in the Upper section of Chenjiapu Great Wall westwards to Daheigou in the Lower Chenjiapu. On the way we will pass through the General Tower, the Mandarin-duck Tower, and be amazed by the famous Hunchback curve (Luoguocheng). Some parts are completely overgrown, we have to bushwack through the growth on top of the wall to go ahead and stairs are dangerously crumbling, other parts have been fully restored. There are alternate routes around the steepest climbs allowing the hiker to adapt their activity to suit their hiking level. We`ll take our time climbing up and down and make sure that we have a relaxed and enjoyable visit. Sitting atop the watchtowers along the way, we could hear nothing but the wind.

This hike also offers excellent views of the surrounding mountains and the chance to see native wildlife in its natural habitat.

DAY 2 Yangbian Great Wall / Dayingpan (BL)
8km/4-4.5hrs hiking

This is a great hike combine the best preserved Great Wall with fantastic mountain views and the countryside field with tiny villages. Located in the mountain near Miaogang village, Yangbian Great Wall is also called the Miaogang Great Wall. We will start the hike from Miaogang village. Get out of the village we will climb slowly along the abandoned country road up the mountain to the Yangbian Great Wall. Compared to the Great Wall around Beijing, Yangbian is comparatively "wild." It was built using stones and rocks in irregular shapes from the mountainside. After hundreds of years though, some parts of the Wall are broken, by both the weather and people who needed stones to build houses. We have time to take in the intriguing rock formations of the wall before trekking to view a huge dilapidated water gate. We stop for some lunch before continuing in the afternoon trekking through canyons and then up the country field until we arrive at a very small village called "Dayingpan". Here we have a chance to meet some of the local villagers before trekking down the mountain to meet our bus.

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