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Walk from Gubeikou to Jinshanling, following stretches of restored and unrestored Great Wall.
The Gubeikou Great Wall section is in and around Gubeikou District Town, 50 km northeast of Miyun County, and about 130 km northeast of downtown Beijing. This section is between the Baimaguan and Jinshanling sections. Hiking east, you will first reach Jinshanling, then Simatai.
The Gubeikou section of the Great Wall was built to protect the capital from attacks from the north. Along with the passes at Shanhaiguan and Juyongguan, it was a key strategic target in military campaigns since ancient times. Protecting these three passes was considered vital for keeping Beijing safe from the Mongolian nomads. The vistas of the sinuous Wall snaking its way over the ridges of the Yanshan are breathtaking. This section of the wall meanders through the countryside and mountains, and you will be rewarded by the scenery along both the Gubeikou and Jinshanlng sections. This important Great Wall pass, it retains its original bricks and stones from two separate dynasties, well-preserved and unrestored.
Jinshanling Great Wall, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, while partially restored, allowing you to have a more intimate experience with the wall. Jinshanling is known for it many beautiful watchtowers, as well as the way it winds and snakes its way along the mountains. When you first get up on Jinshanling you will be stunned.
It's designed for the person who feels cooped up all day somewhere in Beijing, and who wants to get out and away, into the fresh air, the open spaces, the natural surroundings, and who wants to do some healthy exercise as well. If you want to see history, meet friends, get some exercise, and feel exhilarated at the end of the day, come with us! Advise: Please be advised that a portion of the Gubeikou Great Wall lies in the middle of a military base and is thus forbidden to all non-military personnel. In order to get around this forbidden area, we will disembark the wall and walk around this restricted zone and then hike back onto the Great Wall where it is open to the public.
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DAY 1 Gubeikou to Jinshanling (L)
10km/4-5hrs hiking; Beijing/Gubeikou 130km/2.5hrs driving

Our guide will pick you up from the lobby of your hotel, then drive directly to the Gubeikou Section of the Great Wall.

Our path along the wall takes us slowly up to the 24-Eyes Tower, the tallest in the area. It's named as such because it was built with six windows on each sides. Two sides of the tower have since fallen down, and the rest is being held together by a metal scaffold. If the weather is clear, we will be able to see the Wangjing Tower in the Simatai Section, about 20km away. From here it's theoretically possible to follow the wall all the way to Jinshanling, but it's practically impossible because the wall borders military land and is blocked off. So we follow a trail beside the wall, where some of the climbing is a little steep and tricky, with some scrambling required, but just for a while. On the way, we will take a pleasant diversion through Hemp village in Spider Valley, and heading on towards Jinshanling.

Where we get back on the wall is the western end of Jinshanling, which is known for its well-maintained watch towers, quite close together. At lunchtime, if the day is too hot, we will have our picnic lunch inside one of the beacon towers, where it is always cool. We'll follow the wall down to Zhuanduo Pass, where we'll find a big statue of Qi Jiguang, a general of the Ming Dynasty who was responsible for the reinforcement of much Ming Dynasty Great Wall in Beijing. From there we'll follow the park road down to the big carpark at Jinshanling, where we'll finish the hike at a pre-designated time. Our minivan will meet us at the carpark and will transport us directly back to the city. The tour ends in the parking lot at a pre-designated time and transports everyone back to the city.

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