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This section of the Great Wall is the only one section in Beijing that was built through a lake. The whole section is defined in three segments by water. When summer arrives in full bloom, the entire village below is awashed in a sea of yellow wild flowers ('yellow flower' is 'huanghua' in Chinese). Hence the village name Huanghuacheng (Huanghua City in English), and by turn the Great Wall section acquires its name. This section of the wall is completely unrestored and still remains its plain character since its construction commenced in 1404, two years before the Ming Dynasty moved its capital to Beijing, and continued for 188 years.
This hike itself is not long, but it is very special. During this hike, we will not only see the sheer Great Wall, but also the different mountain and water scenery. The water makes this section of wall a very unique characteristic, distinguishing appearance from other sections of the Great Wall. This trip can be taken any time – springtime on the Wall is always energizing, summer brings yellow flowers, in the fall the leaves of the numerous chestnut trees, planted by soldiers of the Ming Dynasty, are turning colour, and even the winter is starkly beautiful – any time of year makes for a memorable day-trip. If you want to see a "special" part of the Wall with your family or friends, this is it!
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DAY 1 Huanghuacheng to Xishuiyu Great Wall (L)

Your CAT guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel in town and transfer you directly to Huanghuacheng. The hike today is not too long, but it is very special – part of the Wall is underwater! The reservoir dam of Huanghuacheng, built on the former site of Xishuiyuguan Pass in 1974. When the water level rose, some low-lying sections of the Wall were submerged. Seen from the reservoir dam, the stately sunken wall is still visible under the water's smooth surface.

After a short visit around the reservoir dam near the entrance to the scenic area, we will start our hike westward to Xishuiyu. There are several up-and-down parts today, however fortunately the mountains here are not that high or steep. First, there is a good trail alongside the Wall, after about half an hour we will get to a watchtower on the cliff. Here is a great place to take photos, one of which must be of the moon-shaped reservoir at the bottom of the mountain. Then, after another half-an-hour hiking, we will reach the highest point in this area, on the pinnacle of which there is a broken watchtower. From this vantage point you will have a nice sunny panoramic view of the whole wide valley, stretching even further toward the west.

From the top point, the wall dives steeply downwards into the valley. After walking down by the steps, we will reach a platform. Under the platform at the bottom, there is a Gate, a opening in the wall leading to the Zhuangdaokou village down to the south, and Yaoziyu Fort uphill to the north. The whole section of wall has 6 forts, 6 passes, 12 beacon-towers, and 32 guard towers. Of all the forts, Yaoziyu Fort is the best preserved. From the valley we will hike westward again, climbing upwards along the broken Wild Wall covered by trees to our lunch spot, a tall cliff overlooking Xishuiyu Lake. From here, the view is amazing! You can see the broken Wall running directly into the lake, and beyond it, the endless mountain range. Unfortunately, from here on, the Wall is really too broken to traverse safely, so we will instead follow a pleasant mountain trail downwards into Xishuiyu Village, where our driver will be waiting to take us back to Beijing.

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