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Gubeikou Great Wall sections, situated in Beijing's Miyun County, is 125 kilometers away from Beijing proper. It has long been a town of military significance and an important passage to the capital city. The Yanshan Range winds from east to west and is cut off at Gubeikou, forming a natural narrow pass here. To the west of the pass are the Chaohe River and the Wohu Mountain, and to the east is the Panlong Mountain(also called Gubeikou Great Wall). From ancient times, Gubeikou has served as a route of strategic importance, linking the southern and northern areas of the Yanshan Range. As early as 2,500 years ago, a fortification was built here and was constantly reinforced throughout the following dynasties. The main part of today's Gubeikou Wall was constructed under the supervision of Xu Da, a noted general in the Ming Dynasty. It runs for more than 20 kilometers and consists of four sections: Wohushan, Panlongshan(Mt. Gubeikou), Jinshanling, and Simatai. It has 143 beacon towers, each positioned at an average interval of 156 meters. The nearest two are only 30 meters apart. The inside of these towers varies in design. The largest one can accommodate a garrison of 100 soldiers, and the smallest one a garrison of 10 soldiers. The towers often have one to six portholes.
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DAY 1 Gubeikou - Jinshanling (LD; 10 km, 5 hrs)

Our guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel in the early morning, then drive to the Gubeikou section of the Great Wall, where our 2-day hiking adventure will begin.

Partway along the hike, we will slowly up to the 24-Eyes Tower, the tallest in the area. It's named as such because it was built with six windows on each sides. the panoramic view is wonderful. If the weather is clear, we will be able to see all the way down to the southwest to the Miyun reservoir and the Wangjing Tower in the Simatai Section. From here it's theoretically possible to follow the wall all the way to Jinshanling. However, please be aware that a portion of the Gubeikou Great Wall lies in the middle of a military base and is thus forbidden to all non-military personnel. In order to get around this forbidden area, we will disembark the wall and walk around this restricted zone and then hike back onto the Jinshanling Great Wall where it is open to the public, heading to the east.

For the night, we will either camp in one of the watch towers on Jinshanling section, or will stay in a simple but clean courtyard hotel at the bottom of the Wall.

Camp at a tower on Jinshanling, or stay at a simple hotel at the bottom of the Wall

DAY 2 Jinshanling Great wall and Wohushan Great Wall, Jiankou Great Wall (BL; 8 km; 5 hrs)

If camping, today you will have a chance to catch the sun throwing soft morning light onto the Wall itself! After a simple breakfast on the great wall, we will continue to hike eastward to Jinshanling section of the Great Wall. Our hiking on Jinshanling stops at Wuyan tower where we could enjoy a good view of Simatai Great Wall and overlook the surrounding. Then walk down to the bottom of Jinshanling. Lunch in a local restaurant.

After lunch, take a 15mins drive to Wohushan section of the Great Wall for another 1.5 hours hiking. Wohushan (Crouching Tiger Mountain) Great Wall straddles on the rocky mountains of Wohushan— so named because two distinct peaks resemble a pair of tigers, one looks up and the other bends down. The Wall winds through Wohu Shan for 13.6 kilometer; along the way, 20 towers decked its spine. Our hike will cover part of them. This is the Wall which is not seen by tourists! At the end of the hike, back to Beijing.

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