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Traveling as students in Sichuan is a great idea, which is educational and entertaining. Because Sichuan has unique cultures, pleasant sceneries, gluttonous food as well as the Giant Panda.
Hurry up to come to Sichuan to get close stay with the International Face – Giant Panda, even to take a meaningful panda volunteering program, to taste the most authentic Sichuan Cuisine, to study a village's water quality with scientists, to learn about irrigation, to go to see the world famous Leshan Giant Buddha, to discover the lost and mysterious Sanxingdui Civilization, to learn some real Kung Fu skills with a Tai Chi master… there are so many things to explore!
Note: Visiting time, Transporting time, and Duration of shows and Meals in the itinerary are suggested and will be subject to change particular situations.
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DAY 01  Arrive in Chengdu (LD, by air)

Activities: Chengdu City Tour, Face Changing Art of Sichuan Opera

Fly to Chengdu, your guide and driver will meet you at the airport and transfer you to downtown Chengdu, check in the hotel. After lunch, transfer to explore Jinli Ancient Street and Wuhou Temple. In the evening, you will have a chance to enjoy traditional Sichuan Variety Shows - Sichuan Opera or Chinese Shadow Play.

Wuhou Temple: it is the resting place of Zhuge Liang, one of the most famous military strategists in China. He was the Martial Marquis of Shu during the Three Kingdom period, and his wit and tact in even the most impossible battle situations have rendered him immortal in military tales.

Jinli Street: adjacent to Wuhou Temple, Jinli Street was Chengdu's busiest commercial street in the Qin and Shu Dynasty. Restored in 2004, it offers a reminder of Chengdu's past, with ancient-style architecture, local snacks stores, and shops selling local folk arts.

Sichuan Opera: As perhaps one of the most internationally-known types of Chinese operas, it is quite different from Peking Opera, and even more so different from Verdi or Puccini. Sichuan opera is distinguished by the "Face-changing" technique originally achieved by blowing off the chalk of one painted mask to reveal another below. Elaborate acrobatic stunts, sharp wit and lively characters are hallmarks of Sichuan Opera.

Overnight in Chengdu Downtown

DAY 02  Chengdu / Anlong Village / Dujiangyan (BLD)

Activities: Science Program in Anlong Village, Dujiangyan Irrigation Project Exploring

1. Conduct water experiments in Anlong village;
2. Complete the water investigation analysis and explanation;
3. Realize the bio-gas project of the village;
4. Understand the history and culture of Anlong village;
5. Improve abilities of communication, cooperation, observation, action and community service.

In the morning, we will drive about 1 hour to Anlong village, a wholly organic, zero waste farm, 50 km northwest of central Chengdu. Tour the village and realize its bio-gas project. Complete the water investigation analysis and explanation by each group. Under the professional guidance, we will conduct water experiments.
After lunch, drive about 20 minutes to visit Dujiangyan Irrigation Project to find the secret of the Land of Abundance.

Anlong Village: with a full-time population of 3,000 residents, Anlong Village is sponsored by the Chengdu Urban Rivers Association (CURA), a local non-profit NGO. The village features a comprehensive composting system. Composting toilets turn waste into organic fertilizer and animal waste is recycled into concrete pits treated with anaerobic digestive microorganisms that convert it into methane gas used for heating and cooking. Plant waste is also re-used as organic fertilizer.

Dujiangyan Irrigation Project: along with the Great Wall and Grand Canal, the Dujiangyan Dam is one of the three great Chinese architectural masterpieces. Constructed in 256 BC, the Dujiangyan irrigation system is the world's oldest and a UNESCO-protected historical site. Originally, this dam contributed to Sichuan prosperity by preventing flooding and sending water to the basin, which resulted in the villagers' prosperity. Now this system distributes waters of the Min River to the farmland of the Chengdu Plain to support a current population of over 10 million.

Overnight in Dujiangyan

DAY 03  Dujiangyan Panda Base (BLD)

Activities: Panda Volunteering Program, Jiezi Old Town

The whole day would be devoted to the Dujiangyan Base for the Panda Keeper Program. A series of volunteering tasks are designed to make a difference. Following the schedule as below, you will learn more about this endangered species, and administer to these lovely animals in person as volunteers under the guidance of the staff.

• Check in, change into the work clothes and prepare for the volunteering job;
• Cleaning the enclosure;
• Preparing panda cakes;
• Weighing and Cleaning bamboo;
• Feeding the pandas;
• Lunch will be arranged at the canteen of Dujiangyan Panda Base;
• At the end of the program you will receive a panda keeper certificate.
Note: Activities are flexible, and the program can be redesigned according to the pandas' needs, participants' requirements and interests, and other factors.

After the program, move to nearby Jiezi Old Town for a short visit. The ancient town is located in Chongzhou City in western Chengdu, not far from the famous Qingcheng Mountains. The town has a history of over 1,000 years and boasts 32 temples and a number of historical sites. It features an ancient temple about 1,500 years old, primitive forests, old gingko trees and Nan trees, an ancient stone pagoda and a well preserved street. The town is a good combination of natural scenery and artificial designs.

Overnight in Dujiangyan

DAY 04  Dujiangyan / Mount Qingcheng / Chengdu (BLD)

Activities: 4 Hours Walk in the Mount Qingcheng

In the morning drive about 30 minutes(20km) to Mount Qingcheng. Carry out a 4—5 hour walking tour on the tranquil mountain route, each of which is lined with temples and sanctuaries. As such, it is the perfect retreat from bustling city life and provides people with a profound sense of calm. Enjoying the peace of the natural surroundings, then move back to downtown of Chengdu. Spend the night relaxing and recuperating at a hotel.

Mount Qingcheng(Green Town): located in the southwest of the Dujiangyan Irrigation System, is one of the most famous Taoist mountains in China. It is also a very attractive and intriguing scenic spot that is surrounded by countless peaks and covered by luxuriant trees, and is shaped like a city, thus it is dubbed 'the most peaceful and secluded mountain under heaven'.

Overnight in Chengdu Downtown

DAY 05  Chengdu / Leshan Giant Buddha / Huanglongxi Ancient Town / Chengdu (BLD)

Activities: Sightseeing Tour

After breafast, drive about 2 hours to Leshan, where we will visit the Leshan Giant Buddha, the tallest stone Buddha statue in the world, carved into the side of Mount Lingyun. The Buddha was build in AD 713 by a Chinese monk named Haitong to calm the river waters. It seems that so much stone from the carving process fell into the river indeed calm the area's waters.

Then transfer to an ancient town named Huanglongxi. Huanglongxi Ancient Town is one of the top ten ancient towns in China, located around 50 km from Chengdu. Boasting a history of over 1700 years, the ancient town has been a popular scenic spot over recent years with a deep traditional construction style. The well preserved Qing Dynasty style buildings here attract film makers and travelers all year round. Therefore, the town gains the reputation as the "Hollywood of China".
Afterwards, drive back to Chengdu.

Overnight in Chengdu Downtown

DAY 06  Sansheng Flower Town (BLD)

Activities: Dumpling Making, Sichuan Opera Mask Painting, Pottery Art Making, Hunting Game, Tea Art Class

This morning drive about 45 minutes to the outskirt of Chengdu, to explore the San Sheng Xiang, a flower growing village. It's a great place to spend a day outside of the city, basking in the sunlight and lush surroundings away from crowded streets and honking car horns. From here, carry out the Culture Exchange Activities with locals. The students will be led by the expert to make their own Pottery Art Making and Sichuan Opera Mask Painting. At noon, experience dumpling making. Later, if the time permits, you may experience Hunting game or Tea art class.

After the activity in the village, tranfer back to Chengdu downtown and have a relaxed walk along the Chunxi Road together to enjoy the fancy night life of Chengdu, try local snacks you have never had.

Overnight in Chengdu Downtown

DAY 07  Chengdu / Guanghan / Chengdu (BLD)

Activities: Sanxingdui Museum Educational Tour, Learn about Tai Chi in Wangjiang Park

After breakfast in the hotel, drive to Sanxingdui Museum, the relics of the ancient Shu kingdom with a history of over 3,000 years. From here, we will realize that the discovery of Sanxingdui proves that the upper reaches of the Yangtze and the Yellow River region are the cradle of the Chinese civilization. Numerous exquisite objects of bronze ware, jade ware, stone ware, gold ware and other articles are unearthed from this site, which evident the highly developed civilization of the ancient Shu kingdom, and verify that Chinese culture as an entity came from diverse sources.

After that, transfer to Wangjiang Park, where we will learn about Tai Chi with local expert. Originating in ancient China, tai chi is one of the most effective exercises for health of mind and body. Although an art with great depth of knowledge and skill, it can be easy to learn and soon delivers its health benefits. For many, no matter man, woman, old, young, strong or weak, it continues as a lifetime journey. The ultimate purpose of tai chi is cultivate the qi or life energy within us to flow smoothly and powerfully throughout the body. Total harmony of the inner and outer self comes from the integration of mind and body, empowered through healthy qi through the practice of tai chi.

Overnight in Chengdu Downtown

DAY 08  Chengdu / Home (B)
Transfer to the airport. See off after spending 8 days in amazing Sichuan! Looking forward to see you in the next educational trip with C.A.T!
-End of Tour-

Note: all information shown here are approximate and indicative only, if there is inconsistency, it will depend on the weather, local road condition and other actual situation.
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