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Kunming enjoys a perfect combination of amazing natural scenery, diverse ethnic customs, and pleasant climate all year round. From the snow-mountains to the tropical rainforests, from the high-land lakes to the canyons, from the historic cities to the fascinating rural sceneries, Yunnan is blessed with beautiful landscapes.
During the 4-day tour, we will visit an interesting Sani ethnic village, Da Nuohei Village, and taste the mystical traditions and beliefs of the Sani people. Learning colorful embroidery and minority dances, doing community services for the local people. Close to the village, the Stone Forest Scenic Area, lying in the Karst area of Shilin County, is alive with the culture of the Sani minority people, but most importantly, it is alive with the wonder of nature. Later, walk through the Yunnan Nationalities Village where different China`s ethnic minority groups reside, providing a colorful salad of China`s mixed culture. In addition, special visiting to local schools in the poverty-stricken mountain area of Kunming, we will have chance to know about the local students' study life by having classes, games, eating etc. together!
Note: Visiting time, Transporting time, and Duration of shows and Meals in the itinerary are suggested and will be subject to change particular situations.
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(B=breakfast, L=lunch, D=dinner)
DAY 01 Arrive in Kunming (LD, by flight)

Activities: Try the "Crossing-over bridge rice noodles", School Exchange Activities, Dynamic Yunnan Show

• Arrive in Kunming Airport and be picked up by the tour guide.
• Lunch at a restaurant nearby Kunming Airport.
• Transfer to local school.
• School Exchange Activities.
• Move to Kunming downtown and check-in hotel.
• Dinner for local "Crossing-over bridge rice noodles".
• Bus to Yunnan Art Theatre and Enjoy "Dynamic Yunnan Show".
• Back to hotel

Yunnan Famous Crossing Bridge Rice Noodle: It is one of the most well-known dishes in Yunnan cuisine. The dish is served with a large bowl of boiling hot broth and the soup ingredients. These ingredients are separated. The soup ingredients are served on a cutting board or plate and include raw vegetables and lightly cooked meats. Common ingredients include thin slices of turkey, chunks of chicken, chicken skin, strips of bean curd sheets, chives, sprouts and rice noodles. Once added into the broth, it cooks quickly with a layer of schmaltz and oil glistening on top. The soup takes a few minutes to cook, and it is then spooned out into small bowls.

Stay in Kunming Downtown

DAY 02 Kunming / Nuohei Village / Stay in Shilin County (BLD)

Activities: Exploring Game in Nuohei Ancient Village with Community Service, Farm work, Learn Yi Da Sanxian Folk Dance and Sani Embroidery, Learn To Make Local Snacks, Bonfire Party

1. Understand the history and culture of Nuohei and the Sani people.
2. Witness the distinctive lifestyle of Yi peoples by interesting Exploring game.
3. Do community services for local villagers.
4. Experience the process of planting local farm products or herding sheep.
5. Learn traditional art with local people including Yi Da Sanxian Folk Dance, Sani Embroideries and Local Snacks Making.
6. Improve abilities of communication, cooperation, observation, action and community service.

• Morning Call.
• Hotel Breakfast and check out.
• Bus to Nuohei Ancient Village of Yi minority in Shilin County (about 2 hrs).
• Welcome ceremony by the local Yi people.
• Exploring Game in Nuohei including the local farm museum to deeply experience the life of local Yi people.
• "Tusi Banquet" for lunch, a feast set up for the most distinguished guests.
• Farm work (capsicum frutescens, maize or yacon planting, or shepherding).
• Culture exchange (Learn To Make Local Snacks, Yi Da Sanxian Folk Dance, Sani Embroidery).
• "Long Street Banquet" for dinner with local Yi peoples.
• Bonfire Party, dancing around the campfire with the local people.
• Bus to Stone Forest County and check in hotel.

Nuohei Ancient Village of Yi Minority: Located at Guishan Town of Shilin Yi Autonomous County in China's southwest Yunnan Province, Nuohei Village is featured with karst landform. Limestone could be found everywhere in the village. Villagers used the limestone to build houses for centuries. Data showed that 98% houses in the vil-lage are built by stones. Hundreds of old houses, which have a history of more than one hundred years, are still preserved in the village. Thus the village also has another name called Stone Village. Shilin, literally translated as Stone Forest, is known for its spectacular pinnacle karst topography with tree-like rocks rising up from the ground. It is part of the South China Karst UNESCO World Heritage Site, inscribed in 2007. 95% of the Nuohei villagers are Sani people, a branch of the Yi ethnic minority.

Stay in Shilin (Stone Forest) Country

DAY 03 Shilin County / Stay in Kunming (BLD)

Activities: School Exchange Activities, Stone Forest Park

• Morning Call.
• Hotel Breakfast and check out.
• Bus to Bajiang Middle School at Stone Forest County.
• Flag-raising ceremony, Greetings.
• Visit cultural gallery and learn students' campus life.
• Learn dancing 'Happy Dance' with their teachers and students.
• Class Exchange, or School Exchange Games such as a friendship basketball match.
• Lunch.
• Bus to Stone Forest Park. Through the maze of enormous stone pillars, enjoy the beautiful views of the sight and spend about 2-3 hours in the park.
• Drive Back to Kunming downtown and have dinner.
• Check-in hotel in Kunming.

Stone Forest Scenic: Do you want to see all the most typical karst stone forest landforms in just one place? Come to Yunnan's Stone Forest. As the "First Wonder of the World", this typical Stone Karst Geopark, about 120 kilometers (75 miles) from Kunming, covering an area of 400 square kilometers (96,000 acres), is the only karst stone forest in a subtropical plateau region in the world. In this protected area, massive low stone teeth and high rock pillars are distributed in clusters in mountain ridges, valleys and depressions, and coexist with karst caves, lakes, waterfalls, a lake with an island, and even an underground river, forming a full view of karst landscape. Particularly, looking into the distance, the massive 20-50m high stone pillar cluster here seems to be a "forest", so people visually call it "Stone Forest". Since 2007, two parts of the site, the Naigu Stone Forest and Suogeyi Village, have been UNESCO World Heritage Sites as part of the South China Karst.

Stay in Kunming Downtown

DAY 04 Treasure Hunting in Hongcun / Hongcun Cycling Tour / Depart from Huangshan (BL)

Activities: "Mission Impossible" Game in the Yunnan Nationalities Village

1. Find a local person - Mr. Wang in the main square.
2. Naxi Village: Hieroglyphic – Chinese Translation.
3. Lahu Village: Learn Crossbow Shooting.
4. Bai Village: Looking for the a courtyard with Three Rooms and One Screen Wall.
5. Wa Village: Play Spinning Top.

• Morning Call.
• Hotel Breakfast and check out.
• Bus to Yunnan Nationalities Village.
• Play the "Mission Impossible" Game in the Yunnan Nationalities Village.
• Winning Award Ceremony and lunch.
• Bus to Kunming Airport.

Yunnan Nationalities Village: Yunnan Nationalities Village, located in the southwest of Kunming, is the epitome of the customs and cultures of Yunnan. Backing on the Western Hill Forest Park and adjacent to the north of Dian Chi (Dian Lake), this wonderful theme park showcases architectural styles, religious beliefs, and folk customs of the different ethnic groups in exquisite detail.
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Note: all information shown here are approximate and indicative only, if there is inconsistency, it will depend on the weather, local road condition and other actual situation.

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